Terms & Conditions

1. Interpretation

1.1 ‘Dawn, Me, I’ refers to Dawn Green.

1.2 ‘Student, You, Client’ refers to the Client booking Dawn Green Yoga classes/services.

1.3 ‘Teacher’ refers to Dawn Green overseeing and teaching classes.

1.4 ‘Class’, ‘Classes’ or ‘Space’ refers to yoga classes booked by the Client.

1.5 ‘Terms & Conditions’ refer to the document.

1.6 If you access & use this website (the ‘Site’), you accept and agree to be bound & comply with the terms (the ‘Terms’). If you do not accept the Terms, you should not use the site.

1.7  Dawn Green reserves the right to change the Terms and therefore asks the Client to check the Terms regularly, prior to booking.

2.  Booking & Payment Terms

2.1 Clients are required to Book a Space on the website, confirming your intention to attend.

2.2 Prices are agreed on Booking of a Space.  Check before reserving.

2.3 Payment is made prior to commencement of the class via cash, Paypal or Bank Transfer.

3.  Cancellations

3.1 The Client can cancel their booking via the website under ‘My Account’. This allows a Space to be available to another Client. Cancellations do not incur a charge but common courtesy should be addressed. Your booking could be filled by a Client waiting on the reserve list.

3.2 Should Dawn Green require to cancel a class through illness or issues out of her control at any venue, all Students booked onto the class will be informed via social media or via there contact details held on file.

3.3 Booking of a Workshop is paid for up front. Cancellation incurs a 50% charge if the reservation cannot be filled.

4.  Locations & Start Times

4.1  Clients must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the Class.

4.2.  Should the Client arrive late, please enter quietly and Dawn Green will direct you to your Space.

5.  Fitness & Health

5.1 All new Students must complete, date and sign a Dawn Green Health Questionnaire on attendance of first class. Should your health circumstances change, inform Dawn Green immediately.

5.2 Dawn Green advises Clients not to take part in any classes without first seeking medical advice, should you have any pre-existing medical conditions or general health concerns.

5.3 Clients with low or high blood pressure or cardiovascular irregularities should not attend the Class without express and written permission from a medical professional.

5.4 Dawn Green reserves the right to refuse access to any Client if she doubts the health of this Client and their ability to safely take part in the Classes.

5.5 Clients accept the risk of injury from performing exercises in the Classes.  Dawn Green accepts no liability for injury to the Client.

5.5 With regret Dawn Green is unable to teach yoga to any woman that is pregnant.  Pregnant women are asked to attend a pregnancy yoga class by a Qualified Teacher specifically for pregnancy.

6. Dress & Suitability

6.1 Dawn requests all Clients to dress appropriately for the yoga class.

6.2 Cleanliness and hygiene is essesntial – both Clients themselves and their attire.

6.3 Children under the age of 16 should not attend the Classes.

6.4 Shoes should not be worn during the yoga Class. Yoga socks are accepted.

6.5 Clients must bring along their own yoga mat.

7. Copyright

7.1 Clients are not allowed to photograph, copy, duplicate or video any artistic material provided to them via Dawn Green Yoga unless authorised.

7.2 Such material and the format of Class, belongs to Dawn Green Yoga.

8. General Data Protection Regulation

8.1 The Client and Teacher consent to Dawn Green Yoga using their data for the proper purposes to enable it to operate bookings and contact. Any questions, please contact [email protected].

9. Online Class Disclaimer and Blog tutorials.

9.1 Dawn does not permit pregnant students into any class in a virtual setting.

9.2 Should you have any injuries, medical conditions or other limitations, you should consult your doctor or consultant prior to taking part in online classes.

9.3 By joining an online class you automatically accept full responsibility for your own safety and recognise that in the absence of a teacher physically present to advise, it is your duty to take full responsibility to ensure that you stay within your physical limits.  Dawn Green Yoga bears no responsibility for any injury sustained within the scope of your participation in the online sessions.

9.4 Clauses 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 apply to any Blog articles and guidance on the website.